Ham and Heroine

February 15, 2010

This is the second time, I’ve seen Supersize me. The first was when I was a Sophomore in High school. Now as a Junior in College, it’s lost some of its appeal. We all know fast food is bad, just like we know smoking and drinking is bad, but do people stop doing those things? Probably not. It’s sad to think that a film that once had the power to influence so many people can become dated. I don’t know, maybe if this is the first time someone has seen Supersize me, they’ll be inspired to stop eating unhealthy, change their lives. I think America goes through a period of being  moved to change their nutrition but then just go back to their unhealthy habits. I think at the time, Supersize me changed a lot of lives, but now, I think it’s just something to remind us we’re unhealthy.


Let me Not Dream

January 20, 2010

While walking home late night from the library, I listened to this and it transformed me into this futuristic world state. It was half walking between sleep dimension and my actual life. I found the Valley High? Whatever it was called to be hilarious. I think the satirical elements of this audio is what made me like it the most. I think it really made you question religious fanaticism, pop culture, and dreams. The sound that was continuously sung stuck out to me a lot and I even googled it, however, I still can’t fathom what all of it meant. I think the repetition of sounds is what I most want to use in my video essay, I think it’s what helped hammer the message.

Roger and Me

January 20, 2010

What I appreciated about the film, though it was very bias and tried to make villains, which I think in life their is no simple answer to who is a good guy and who is a bad guy, was that Moore, for the most part, kept himself off the screen. And let himself just remain as sort of a narrator figure for the audience. I think the filmmaker should never be in the film more than his subjects, because essentially a film, even if an essay film, is about the subjects. I think I’ll use that in my film, not have myself be the center of attention in the film.

Technical question?

January 20, 2010

I thought the whole purpose of this daily blog thing was to write only a hundred words? Maybe I’m getting the wrong idea, but I continuously see long paragraphs of stuff. I thought it was cool that we had to limit our writing to only 100 words, it made it more challenging and fun….but either I missed the point or people are CHEATING. Either way, someone needs to clarify this for me…..but either way I think I’m try to stick with the only 100 words thing, makes blogging more interesting.

San Soleli

January 13, 2010

 Of all three films we watched so far this one was the least appealing to me. I have no idea why. It’s possibly because what we said in class, it didn’t feel as honest and real as the others. This one seemed less to be trying to discover something and more about teaching random facts. It’s style was also not as appealing. It felt choppy and not like a cohesive story, even Koyaanisatsi felt more like it was trying to tell a story. This one did not to me. I felt like this one left me cold and unaffected.

Play to create art?

January 13, 2010

     In class today, John or Professor Bresland said something about playing to create art. I think that statement is something you would rarely here at Nu, where the faculty is generally concerned with teaching and not letting you learn on your own. At times, Nu seems so stuck in their standards and the “right” way to do things that it often feels like the fun of learning is sucked out of learning. I’m actually a person that goes to school because I, use to, enjoy learning. So hearing the lines playing to create art or whoever it went, kind of restored a little hope that this University has not completely lost all sense of it’s charm.

More on Sound and Vision

January 13, 2010

     I have a friend who criticized me for listening to a band I labeled “emo.” His taste of music usually revolves around movie scores. Before reading the articles I could not understand how he could find that type of music more profound than music with actual lyrics and a story. However, as a writer, and a person who prides herself on her creativity and imagination, I am ashamed that I lacked the imagination, until now, to see the beauty in music with a blank slate, music you can make of it whatever you want. It’s like modernist writing, it’s up to you to create the story.

No Man’s Land

January 13, 2010

 The most appeal thing about this essay is the author’s honesty. She admits she has had racist feelings. She doesn’t claim to be above society. She, like many of us, is a victim to her own prejudice and fears. I am African American, and have grown up in the worst parts of the Chicago ghetto. However, I did not know how prejudice have affected society until I came to NU. Where I am always the minority and get looked at differently when I tell people I am from the Southside of Chicago.  Therefore, reading this piece completely stroke a familiar cord.

The Video Essay-Self Reflection

January 13, 2010

  From my understanding of the video essay it’s a form of self discovery. What one discovers is not as important as the process of discovering and that you discover something, preferentially about oneself. I have always classified myself, to put it in Buffy terms, as cookie dough yet to bake. Therefore, I am always  discovering and redefining who I am. However, I am a reserved person and the idea of opening up myself to the world on camera makes me cringe. However, I took this class, because writing and film are two of my main passions. Therefore, I’m willing to suffer for these passions.

Koyaanisqatsi & Sound and Vision

January 9, 2010

My initial reaction to Koyannisqatsi was agony.  I couldn’t imagine sitting through an hour and 25  minutes of just sound and images, and not jumping off a bridge. However, to my surprise, I became engrossed in the movie’s score.   The more I listened the more I created my own story for this movie.

Alex Ross’s article furthered made me see the movie’s appeal, but not just of this movie but of movie scores. I have never appreciated movie scores, but this movie and the article opened my eyes to how they are just as important to the story as the words are.